Index Of Stories

These stories are written purely for entertainment and are not for profit. It is not meant to trespass in any way on the holders of the rights to Starsky and Hutch..
Another 'what if' story -- written in response to a challenge.
The boys learn that love can be as comforting as a hot mug of cream filled coffee.
A serial murderer is loose in Bay. Will Starsky be the next victim? Starsky H/C.
On an errand for Starsky after Gunther's attack, Hutch learns something important.
Starsky is used as a pawn for retribution against Hutch. H/C story.
Just another fun moment with the guys.
The boys learn wisdom from the Easter Bunny!
A Rosey Malone Epilogue - Starsky H/C story.
A Fourth of July Celebration unleashes unwanted memories in Starsky.
Peculiar things occur when Starsky emerges from a coma.
Sometimes we all need to self reflect
A silent vigil evokes memories for Starsky
Hutch learns that life's painful lessons can be our greatest teacher
An elusive fugitive brings a killer into Bay City
A long term undercover assignment pushes Starsky over the edge
A simple road trip turns into a hellish nightmare for Starsky.
A lunatic bomber hits Bay City and Starsky and Hutch must risk their lives to stop him.
A Halloween Tale
An undercover bust goes awry and thirty minutes can seem like a lifetime. (Adult)
A double date leads to frustration and misunderstanding for Hutch.
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